“It is not a Utopia to change the current system. Utopia is to believe that this model based on the exploitation of natural resources will continue indefinitely on a finite planet.”

(also with Spanish & French voiceover)

In February 2012 Jean-Luc Danneyrolles, an organic gardener in French Provence, & Carlos Pons, a Spanish filmmaker, organise a journey to Granada in southern Spain to find the seeds of transition.

Visiting several inspiring places, discovering many new blooming alternative projects, staying from place to place, trading seeds to improve cultivated biodiversity, living the Spanish social movement from the inside. 21 days of travel, 35 alternative projects visited, & over 200 people interviewed.

“While the world seems to be heading through multiple crises to a future without future, many people are engaged in the construction of authentic alternatives towards a cultural change.”

“Everywhere, hundreds of projects emerge and organise themselves to find Fair, Harmonious and Sustainable ways of coexistence. To regain personal and collective power.”