Our Intention is to create a permanent home for our tribe to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. That means grow our own food, having our own water, creating our own energy, & so forth. Unfortunately our current land is not a good fit for us and this is why we are searching for a new place (in Brazil) that will be managed & owned by the current & future tribal members. We are looking for:

  • A land with water (springs, rivers, or lakes),
  • A land with ample native forest (preferably with some fruit trees),
  • A land in a warmer climate,
  • A larger land of 30-100+ hectares,
  • And we prefer remoteness from cities.

Please write us if you know a place, heard of a place, know someone who might know a place, or know someone who knows someone that might know a place that fits the above criteria. We are thankful for any and all help we can get!

And just to be on the safe side share this with your family & friends. The more people know the faster we will find the right land for our tribe.

Our shared email address is all@tribalsimplicity.com If you would like to write to one of us specifically have a look at our individual email addresses over here or just fill out the form below or leave a comment ⤸