some of our experiences & reflections

Letting Go & Moving On

we have been robbed … prepared to learn from difficult situations and otherwise let go & move on.

Food for Thought, Literally

Ideally we want to eat a whole plant-based diet that is made up of locally grown organic foods that have not been genetically modified and are devoid of animal products.

Banana Planting Mania

Bananas grow all year around, though much slower during the cooler periods, and they were one of our steady local food supplies. We set out to plant more banana circles especially near the house.

Compost & Soil Sprouting Experiment

The idea is to take two samples of soil that one knows to be good as the control and two samples of each of the soils / composts you would like to be testing.

Indaiá’s Hard Nuts to Crack

Among the many palm trees there is a very large one called Indaiá & they produce incredibly heavy bunches of hundreds of small coconuts all year around

Our Tribe Is On The Move

In short, we have decided to move away from Capijuma aka Dark Stone Bromelias to a 24ha property that belongs to my family

What Tribal Simplicity Means

tribal simplicity represents a lifestyle that embraces the nature bound simplicity of our tribal ancestors infused with present day knowledge

Avocado Season Approaching

The wonderful thing for us about avocados is that they are high in calories and thanks to their short trunks and many branches the effort for us to climb the trees is minimal