We are a group of five on a common path to create a sustainable community. Anyone who shares our lifestyle and vision is welcome to join our tribe. More to follow soon. The easiest way to contact us is by email. You can write in English, Português, Español, Deutsch, Français, & Magyar to: all@tribalsimplicity.com

Our Tribal Family

António Jose Iria Henrique (2012-2015), born to live in nature, wants to live a simple sustainable community life in nature.   ▶ more here

Guilherme F. Carvalho (2014 Feb-July) a college dropout in search of a “zero” impact lifestyle

Hans Rippel
Hans Rippel (2013-2015) a nomadic world traveler who wants to build a simple lifestyle with people who care about each other ▶ more here

Monica & Richard Wüstefeld (2014-2014) a senior couple seeking to grow their own organic foods