Hans Rippelhans@tribalsimplicity.com

I am a nomadic world traveler who wants to build a simple sustainable lifestyle with people who care about each other.

Some of my adventures have taken me to the Himalayas of Tibet, playing Robinson Crusoe on an uninhabited remote Tongan island, the water drenched forests of the Amazon, & the volcano surrounded 400 year rain less Atacama desert.

After traveling to over forty countries on six continents & living in six countries on five continents I have come to see myself as a world citizen; celebrating unity in diversity.

Blessed with wonderful professors in university I have gained a profound understanding from my studies of psychology, anthropology, Buddhist & religious studies.

Out of my ascribed importance to physical & mental health grew an awareness of socio-ecological responsibility which led me to work with local small scale sustainable agriculture projects in Hungary.

More recently, in search of creating a sustainable community, I ended up living in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil and formerly initiating Tribal Simplicity.

The principles of permaculture have been an essential ingredient of my part of this path to cultivate understanding, respect, & care for all beings & natural systems.

Later I hopped over to Switzerland to initiate a new soil restoration carbon emissions reduction project with my brother.

And now I am living in the Savanna like interior of Brazil, the latest pit-stop of the nomadic phase of my tribal lifestyle.

Last but not least, I am forever grateful for my parents who made much of the above life journey possible!