I’m someone who wants to live a simple sustainable community life in nature.

Applying the principles of permaculture to become self-sufficient in basic human needs such as food, water, shelter, clothes, & natural medicines.

In particular I’m very interested in learning about trees & plants from the Rain-forest but also from other place where I may go. And with great passion I apply this knowledge in my ever-growing planting endeavors, especially of fruit bearing trees and edible & medicinal plants.

More recently I have become very fond of extractivism; extracting from the forest a good part of our food “the forests wild organic supermarket.”

Since I remember I have always loved to be in the great outdoors, in nature, to exercise, to work, to feel the sun, wind, & rain on my skin.

Conversely, I was not very fond of my time of formal education and after leaving school I worked for many years in civil construction, building houses.

After some meaningful & life changing experiences, some more pleasant & others not so much, it became clear to me that I wanted to change my way of living. Ultimately my decision lead me to become a monk in the Buddhist tradition, which was a period of very intense learning (11 years).

During this time I traveled a lot, visited many countries, and I was in contact with many cultures. It truly was filled with a lifetime of enriching experiences.

This period of simple community life was the first step for becoming who I am today.

For the past one and a half years I was living in the state of Espírito Santo where we started our project in a very beautiful place of the Atlantic Rain-forest.

In the last month there I took off my monk’s robe and am now a lay person.

Then in June of 2014 we relocated a little further north to Abadiânia, a county in the state of Goiás just 100 km from Brasília, the capital of Brazil.

The next chapters of my life will be written here.