In short, we have decided to move away from Capijuma aka Dark Stone Bromelias (Espírito Santo, Brazil) to a 24ha property in Abadiânia in Goiás (Brazil) that belongs to my family. We didn’t come to this decision lightly but even though we are changing location the community remains together!

Since the beginning of last year when I first came here my/our vision, how to live sustainably with a community in nature, had become more clear to us. We want to create a lifestyle, a way of life that touches all facets of living. (Something I’ve come to refer to as tribal simplicity.) And as time went by it has become increasingly clear to us that our vision has gradually and increasingly been diverging from the owner’s vision. Trying to realize two diverging visions can be quite problematic to say the least. And after much reflection the best path for us to take is to leave and allow the owner to realize her vision here in Capijuma and we will do so in Abadiânia.

I will be forever thankful to the owner that she made her land available to us. Capijuma is an environmental oasis thanks to her belated husband who had restored the land from its mostly degraded condition decades ago. And it is also the place that allowed this coming together, that we may all meet each other, live together, and create strong bonds that now allow us to move on together.

Probably our biggest challenges will be to manage all the work between five people and to have enough funds to keep us going, which can be especially difficult at new beginnings. The good news is that we will have a roof over our heads but everything from electricity to water supply is at the top of our to do list… ehhh maybe a toilet as well :)

We planned our departure for the beginning of June just prior to the world cup craziness that will likely ensue. Until then these last week’s here will be more calm, meditative, and filled with reflections, contemplation, and preparations about the new chapter in our lives.

Me (Hans) & Antonio on the left, Monica in the middle, Richard on the top right, and Guilherme on the right bottom